jueves, 10 de enero de 2013

Starting a New Year!!

Hello people!!!
How are you??
This is my first post of the year,WHAT A DIFFICULT PAST YEAR!
But was good enough to save some precious friends and start with my job.

I am excited with the fact of start well the year,with a lot of work and with my dance crew so i am expecting the best~

going to travel a lot and having my own style of life..

i am sorry for not write too much i am not like with much inspiration and time...

what about a little paragraph..

I'm always thinking about you..
why you are still in my head?
What you did in my heart?

Leaving an empty space.. impossible to fill with work
I can't find the love of what i most love to do..
because.. you are not here.. anymore..

viernes, 16 de noviembre de 2012

K-Pop Festival~ Reaady~

Hello evetybody~
I am back again haha.. sorry for taking so long,i've been suuuper busy latelly so..
anyways.. i am very excited these past days because Big Bang's visited Peru,even if they didn't came to mexico i am happy they see LatinAmerica like some place good to inverstment in concert and music,so i hope they startto considering to come tomexico..i should start to save money...

Taking about the K-Pop Festival in my city.. i am excited about it aswell because it going to be this Sunday.. me and my crew are going to dance a couple of songs.. we are excited and nervious,it willbe the firsttime for me dancing with an absoluting stuning outfit for "I Love You" song of 2NE1.. and i will be a fatty CL but i will do my best hehe.

That doesn't take me the joy to dance in front of an amount of people.. adsdsddasd.....OMG!!people wish me luck...

ALWAYS gonna exist people who don't understand this music,who is afraid of changes.. you don't feel bad about what people said,they just gonna die in his wrong ideas~

"transform to survive or Die"...

miércoles, 31 de octubre de 2012

Halloween Time~

Hello everybody!!!

Time i don't write here.. sorry... i was..I AM very busy latelly,and thsi past weekend i was just inbed..SICK.. i am glad i am much better now..i was kinda scared..
I am glad to be around more and at least have money because i want dye my hair soon.. when i get full recoveredof my sickness.. so.. =3
TODAY IS HALLOWEEEENNN YEEEAHHH.. so i will go out in the night with some friend and TRICK OR TREAT because i want to eat sugar and be fat and die xD
Since i wanted a time ago a Kigurumi i made one for myself for two reasons:
1.- I have no Dineroz
2.- I like to sew... =D
So i think it result quite good.. i don't know.. we'll see in the pictures of the night..since i dont have a full body picture right now of the costume...

Feliz dia de Muertos este 1 de Noviembre!!!
An special report about Dia deMuertos,since it's a tradition of my country and i am proud of it...~


jueves, 11 de octubre de 2012

Hi everyone~

Sorry.. this week wasnt soo good than i thought.. but was good in the end..
I will be english Teacher... probably not the best but a good one!!!..wait.. i should give props myself..I AM THE BEST ONE!!!

My net was gone for a couple of days and when it was back,mylaptop died.. was problem with some programs.. hope to fix it.. or buy a new laptop.. i think i will choce the second option..

FINALLY i found a place where to buy bottom lashes and upper eyelashes.. i am so happy for it..~
I am trying tobe part of the Staff of LatinAmerica Gyaru,hope you can support me with a thumb up and a comment in my video,i will apreciatte it.. i always wanted to show everybody.. YOU CAN BE A EXCELLENT GYARU WITHOUT BE ASIAN!!


Picture without edit AT ALL~ you can see my wrinkles xD

you can do it~


jueves, 4 de octubre de 2012


Ok this day was a good day,except i wanted tomake a Makeup tutorial and the daaamn camera just turned offin the middle of the make up ;_;~

Ninoshka beauty it's giving a Giveaway of a beautiful circle lenses,and part of that it's to talk about this in myblog..i know nobody see my blog but here is xD~


I hope make the tutorial better next time!

martes, 2 de octubre de 2012


This day it's being pretty hot.. i am like melting and i dont want even to put any make up because i feel like i'm going to die with pain in my whole body haha..

Yesterday we had dance practice,at least we end with Gangnam Style ( yesh,THE WHOLE DANCE.. not justthe horse step) and we started with I love You from 2ne1,we are getting ready for the K-POP festival this november,the girls are pretty excited and so i am,but still i cant practice too much because the surgery,i do what i can!!

Today i wanted to try a dolly makeup so i just use pink,i wish have Blue or Gray Circle Lenses... so i will feel more dolly hehe~

Hope people call me to give me a job.. i need money... i need to make my cosplay!!! sasdsadasdas... EXCITEEED!!!

By the way,i took a picture of my eyes,and i reeeally like mymakeup,just eyelashes want to show up and loosklike it's almost to feeell!!!!

And the other ones who looks more decent xD~

Please leave a coment,i will apreciatte it ^^

domingo, 30 de septiembre de 2012

XV Party~

Yesterday i had such a wonderful night with some of the girls i teach dance,one of them had a birthday party for his 15th years so,i just had fun dancing Gangnam Style hahaha...

Nothing much to say.. it's sunday now and the weather its still hot.. i cant feel myself too much comfortable with no much clothes on.. i am pro top's thought haha..

I hope she send me the video of us dancing,because was pretty funny hehe~
Stillnot sure about my raducally change of being Gyaru.. or what do you think people?